Training for children

Schedule of trainings for children and general information.


tuesday 17:30-19:00

thursday 17:30-19:00

saturday 12:00-13:30


monday 16:30-18:00

wednesday 16:30-18:00

friday 16:30-18:00

The training program includes sports sparring, special equipment (strikes in a jump), a complex of exercises (tol), as well as effective self-defense.

Taekwon-do for children is much more than just training combat techniques. It is about self-improvement in almost all aspects of the child’s life. In addition to improving physical form and releasing energy, your child will learn concentration, concentration, passion and discipline.

We aim to help children succeed in fighting and achieve personal goals.

Our training programs on taekwon-do help:

  • use the taekwon-to-hyperactive children for calming and concentration;
  • young children to overcome the shame;
  • sports children become even more stretched, stronger, faster;
  • to provide social interaction with the surrounding world;
  • development of all the best qualities of the person;
  • to resist negative pressure of peers.