Training for adults

Training schedule for adults and general information.


tuesday 17:30-19:00

thursday 17:30-19:00

saturday 12:00-13:30


monday 16:30-18:00

wednesday 16:30-18:00

friday 16:30-18:00

The training program includes sports sparring, special equipment (strikes in a jump), a complex of exercises (tol), as well as effective self-defense.

As a taekwon-do for adults helps you.

Stress management.

In adult age, the number of factors contributing to stress is huge and contributes to the emergence of many diseases. Sports is one of the best ways to combat high stress. Having allocated one hour 2-4 times a week will help to eliminate your stress.


On average, it takes about 3,5 years to reach the goal, to reach the black belt in the taekwon-do. Having achieved something during a certain period, it gives you, as an adult, a great confidence in yourself that you can achieve everything you have invented.


In the adult age, socialization is often turned to the background with the only possibilities for this, there is a stay at the school of your child or in the bar. By participating in the taekwon-do program for adults, you will have the opportunity to communicate in a healthy environment and to enjoy.

Traning that can be engaged with their children.

If you and your children are engaged in taekwon-do, it is a great opportunity to spend time together. You can not only help each other, but also at home can engage and stretch together, promoting a healthy lifestyle.