The name of our Dojo – 神路山 Kamurodzan. What does this mean? If you translate the three characters that make up this name, then you will get approximately the following – “the mountain of the divine way” or “place of spiritual development”. You can separate each character. The last, the third character – 山 can mean: A mountain, a peak, or a temple. In general, mountains are a place filled with force, and always perceived by a person as a place that is closer to the gods. Probably, that is why this character in combination with other symbols still matters – a temple. The second (central) character , 路 in the direction of the road, is important. If you connect these two hieroglyphs then you will get – the way to the mountain, the way to the top of the temple. And finally, the first hieroglyph of this phrase, 神 it is the same symbol that goes the second in the name Bujinkan. This symbol can mean the following – God, spirit. Accordingly, three hieroglyphes, which make up the name of our dojo have symbolic meaning and depict what each student should strive to achieve – to go to the top, to build his divine temple of soul, to find and step in heavenly or divine way of development.


“The violence carried out by a person will destroy it. The basis of the Ninja belief is to subordinate the laws of nature. Following the laws of nature, a person goes to Kamurodzan, the sacred mountain of general justice.

This ascent is imperceptibly and does not leave traces. These are internal steps that we must take toward the sky. After I inherited the title of Soke, I live, solving the mysteries of nature and moving along the way of enlightenment. I remember the words of my mentor. He said that, engaged in martial arts and mastering their secrets, was able to become strong and fair. But he could not imagine the real art of self-defense and become a master of martial arts – a real ninja until he got acquainted with the belief of Ninja, in which he found a blue bird of happiness. I would like to tell you about the position of the faith of the Sensei Takamatsu. Here they are:

  • Develop the spirit of tolerance of Zen and understand its possibilities;
  • Develop sincerity and faith (magokoro);
  • Strive for self-knowledge and self-perfection, gratitude and generosity.

The constant desire to realize these views is what is necessary for the correct life of a person in harmony with the will of God. I think it is worth explaining the concept of “magokoro”. This Japanese word means life without deceit, sincere help to others, protection of weak, and service of truth and good. I think that Magokoro is a indicator of makoto (truthfulness, sincerity, faith) in the soul of a person with a great heart – it is a manifestation of the essence of a good person. Faith exists not only in churches and monasteries. It is a force to strengthen and develop a weak soul and to increase a small heart. She fights evil in her heart, transforming it into justice. Sensei Takamatsu was amused in the mountains and found his faith there. He achieved enlightenment and realized the truth, which can not be understood only by martial arts. Only after that he became the master of martial arts. Master Takamatsu said: “We shall be happy, having driven grief, suffering and disappointment from our hearts. Happiness is best of what life can give. If you are dissatisfied and suffering, return to the source of happiness.”

We can say that the name Kamurodzan reflects the goal of our Dojo – the way to a true, real perception and vision of the world. If we are able to perceive the world and ourselves correctly, then the right actions can be taken in the right direction. So I wish everyone to know themselves in order to know the whole world and be happy.

(Text prepared by the founder of Bujinkan Kamurodzan Ukraine Tereshchenko Sergii)