Training for adults


tuesday 19:00–21:00

thursday 19:00–21:00

saturday 17:30–20:30

Sunday (closed).

Training lasts on average 2 hours and has the following expression:

  • Junan Taiso Kyuho 柔軟体操九法 / exercises for training a group of muscles and joints, exercises for flexibility.
  • Tanren no Ho 鍛錬之法 /exercises for strengthening and development of force (body toning).
  • Kokyu Ho 呼吸法 /breathing exercises.
  • Keikomae Zenshin 稽古前全身 /self-massage
  • Kihon Waza 基本技 /basic techniques.
  • Taihen-jutsu 体変術 /acrobatics (falling, jumping, rolls…):
  • Ukemi Gata Taihen-jutsu 受身型体変術 /techniques of falls, rolls, jumps.
  • Sabaki Gata Taihen-jutsu 捌型体変術 /moving techniques.
  • Shinken Gata Taihen-jutsu 真剣体変術 /moving techniques, and avoiding the impact of weapons.
  • Shoshin Gokei Go Gyo No Kata 初心互恵五行の型 /the main techniques of sanshin and impacts.
  • Kihon Happo 基本八法 /the main 8 methods and their variants.
  • Taijutsu Shugyo 体術修行 / Buki Shugyo 武器修行 /training of weapons and techniques in schools.
  • Kuden 口伝 / oral transmission of secrets, keys, explanations.

Trainings are held in friendly, not competitive and relaxed, but nevertheless rather serious atmosphere, held in the gym, and sometimes just sky, regardless of weather conditions, because for practicing Ninjutsu, it is very important to train on different terrain and in different weather conditions. Thus, we do not limit ourselves to a certain space, and therefore we do not get used only to the usual training conditions. Thanks to this, we learn real martial arts and every time we get a new “experience of the field”.

Every year we also organize large seminars where many people can learn about our skills and for which we also invite members of other schools and martial arts, as well as take place thematic meetings-talks. The most important annual event is the summer meeting.