Speaking about young people who practice oriental martial arts, we should note the special type of character that they have during the classes and certainly influences their life path. During training there is not only a process of acquisition and development of sports data, but also a process of formation of the world-view personality traits on the basis of the world view of the peoples of those countries, which became the progenitors of each specific oriental martial arts.

If we turn to the translation of the name of one or another kind of oriental martial art, we will always see the word “way”, which implies “the life way of man”. At the same time, we can state that almost all oriental martial arts are based on traditional philosophy. It includes three main philosophical and religious teachings – Buddhism, Daosism, Confucianism. The adherents of the ideas of Confucius were laid down philosophical ideas about a strict and harmonious social order. Daosists adhered to theories of human unity and nature. Buddhists have been promoting the development of personal control over their psyche. Perhaps, on the basis of these spiritual principles, full development and self-realization of the individual in society will take place.
Many people live without any purpose.

For young people, a starting point, a start in life can be a sports hall where they teach oriental martial arts. It is necessary to understand that the acquisition of social experience is not spontaneous and does not happen automatically. Here we need conscious efforts, especially directed activity. A person can not simply take the knowledge received by other people. Everyone must re-discover this knowledge for themselves. It is not enough, and it is not possible to assimilate the ancient experience in its entirety, but based on it, one can revise one’s natural abilities and capabilities in such a way that a “second birth” takes place, the birth of a harmoniously developed person.

Oriental martial arts are multidimensional and multifaceted system. Here, almost any child or person can achieve the satisfaction of many life needs, supplement or restore their values through martial arts. Today, the revival of all the eternal values and high ideals of humanism, laid in the basis of the martial arts of the East, acquires a new meaning. This opens completely new ways and opportunities in mastering the common cultural heritage.

Oriental martial arts are a huge educational potential and therefore possess great value. They are called and are capable of making colossal positive changes in both physical, emotional and psychological development of a person. That gives an opportunity to give birth to a personal life way.